Paralysis treatment

Paralysis rehabilitation and passive solutions for stroke recovery


We offer different kind of solutions for patients with paralysis or related diseases such as drop foot or partial paralysis on limbs. There are two ways for treatments: passive and active.

Passive treatments are done with the diffent kind of AFO-s , KAFO-s and custom made braces. These orthoses help the user to walk, stand, stand up, sit down and lift the limbs without stumble.

Active solutions are treatments with special equipment such as TENS or EMG/ETS device for biofeedback and neuromuscular stimulation. These devices stimulate the nerves with pre-defined electrical shocks to initate circulation and reaction. With long term use the patient can be able to slowly move the paralyzed or weak limbs by teaching the lost functions to the body and nerve system. This type of treatment can be on-site or home use. In the first case the patient has to go on a treatment while the second is when he is given the device to use at his home. The device is previously set and locked by specialists and after some training he can rent it.