We offer a wide range of insoles made of metal, thermoplastic, plastic-foam and silicone materials.
All of our insoles are custom made except few models.You can wait in place while we make your own insole. In the meantime you can also do your other tasks in nearby places such as banking, shopping, postal things or eat in nearby restaurants.
Insoles are ready in 30-50 minutes.
You can bring your own shoes which you would like to wear insoles in and we gladly fit into.

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Pressure Mapping

Using pressure mapping every kind of sole deformities become visible and we can determine weight bearings and weight differences which can tell deviations in the body's structure.
We analyze these pressure points and match with previously measured datas to fabricate the perfect insole uniquely for you.
Pressure mapping is recommended.

Cost: 2400.-HUF

Before you think pressure mapping is some kind of magic let me dissolve these doubts.
1. In the first step, our colleagues measure your foot without using insoles. The system will display the graphic picture of your soles and shows the pressure points with pressure values.
2. The second step is to fabricate the custom made insole based on the previously measured values. Then they fit to your feet.
3. The third measure happens with the newly created insole which compared to the first measure. Then you will see the obvious difference.

Sometimes it is recommended to have pressure mapping in different time cycles to see differences after long time wearing.

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