Upper and Lower limb Orthoses

Orthoses, Braces, Support Systems

Main functions of this orthopaedic products are:

  • give support
  • decrease load/relieve load
  • fixation
  • help secure rehabilitation
  • decrease pains

The range of orthoses and braces is wide from toes through spine to fingers. They help supporting, fixing or relieving depending on the injury or illness of the limb. Useful in case of fractures, joint damages, help in post-operative period, help to correct birth-related degenerations.

There are 4 sub groups:

  • Lower limb orthoses (toes, sole, foot, ankle, heel, knee, hip)
  • Spinal supports (back, loin, vertebrae)
  • Upper limb orthoses (hand, wrist, shoulder, arm, finger, elbow)
  • Cervical and cranial support