Upper and Lower limb Prostheses

Lower limb prostheses

Our lower limb prostheses are made for patients who lost their limbs by traumatic causes, accidents, other diseases or were born with. The functions of these products depend on the use: can be worn as a cosmetic or aesthetic prostheses or can be functional and restore and return the ability of walking, standing sometimes running or do sports.

Lower limb prostheses are grouped  by the level of the amputation: foot, below knee, above knee, hip exarticulated, growth-deformited and silicone cosmetic prostheses.

Important notes

1. All of these products are custom-made with individual cast&measure.

2. These products cannot be manufactured without proper cast and measures therefore personal meeting is necessary.

3. Non-Hungarian citizens can pay these products by cash or credit card only.
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If you are interested please contact us.
A pre-calculation and treatment plan will be sent if you are interested. Keep in mind these products need few days and several tests to complete therefore a temporary stay in Budapest is necessary as well.It is advisable to book a room during your prostheses completion.

Lower limb prostheses can be ordered with different feet, knee joints and other accesories.Our prosthetist will consult with you.

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