K-252 Custom made Myoelectric forearm prosthesis

The myoelectric forearm is an excellent solution for upper limb amputees.Its operation is based on the human body's electronic inputs which are normally generated during muscle movement. It is known that these electronic impulses can be sensed and used. Special built-in myo-electrodes detect even the smallest impulse and direct it to the control device.
The amputee is able to control the prosthesis such as grip,hold,etc. with the use of his muscle-energy.

Small electronic engines and a strong Li-Ion battery do the movement tasks.

The K-252 is highly compatible with other manufacturer's systems therefore most parts are easily changeable.


  • Highly compatible with other systems
  • Can be ordered with different wrists (M12 1/2x20 TPI)
  • Compatible with other 6V-8,4 Volts systems
  • 9 different programs, easy to change
  • Soft and reliable inner clothing
  • Built-in ON/OFF switch
  • Automatic battery-level warning